This is What People are Saying About the July 4th Voice Global Launch

Note: I attempted to get a comment from someone at Voice for this article but received no response. I will update the article if any comment or statement is given after publication.

July 4th was a big day for Voice. They launched their iOS app and opened up public read access, as well as opening up international registrations. This event was promoted heavily and eagerly anticipated by the community. It has been two weeks since the big day. This article is an attempt to objectively document the community response.

I found a strong similarity in the attitudes expressed over distinct time periods and chose to organize this article by grouping responses by those time periods. I have attempted to give the same weight of positive and negative responses as those I found. The goal being for this article to be as close a reflection of reality as possible.

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Ground Zero: July 4th.

After the initial announcements and excitement, the major themes were technical issues and confusion around which countries could use Voice.

#BrockTheVote: July 5th.

The next day, Brock Pierce announced he was running for President. This was the dominant topic of discussion related to Voice on that day.

The Reckoning: July 6th-12th

The theme of the next week was what people thought of the app itself. Feedback, feature requests, compliments, criticisms, ideas and thoughts of all kinds. I’ve included a lot because the opinions expressed were so varied.

Content is King: July 13th-16th

Once people had some experience using the app and got a feel for how others were using it, the topic largely shifted from the app itself to the content on the app.

Here is the link in this comment. It’s an argument that Voice presently contains a lot of “fringe” viewpoints.

Reaction to Dan’s first post

A video was removed and generated a lot of discussion.

A Big Hire and a Big Hack: July 17

Perhaps indicating they agree with some community concerns, Voice announced they hired Erika Velazquez Alpern as VP Marketing.

And at the same time, the great Twitter Hack of 2020 took place. Which generated a lot of discussion about how Voice might have prevented it.

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