DeFi Friday. Three Exciting DeFi Token Listings on Is this the turning point for EOS?

Disclosure: Our team is working on its own DeFi product, which may compete in the same market as the projects reported on here. If you’re a smart contract developer or investor interested in working with us, get in touch.

Today is the first time has ever listed three new tokens in one day. They are:

Organix Protocol (OGX) – marketcap $35.95 million (DMD) – marketcap $12.09 million

DeFis.Network (DFS) – marketcap $6.25 million

Just a few days ago, we also listed:

Defibox (BOX) – marketcap $10.82 million

Community interest in these projects is off the charts, as is their trading volume. All four are currently in our top 10. There has also been massive token appreciation and some pretty elated early investors.

If you were around EOS in late 2018, this all might feel familiar. The excitement, the euphoria, the quick gains – and naysayers warning how it all may unravel.

However there is a major difference this time around. It’s DeFi, not gambling. DeFi is very real. It ultimately aims to replace banks and all of traditional finance. And there are some valid reasons to think it has a chance to do that. That’s quite a large opportunity, not built on whether or not people keep gambling after mining tokens stops being profitable.

Explaining DeFi and the opportunity it presents further is outside the scope of this article but here is a good primer to get you started.

EOS has been a solution in search of a problem for a long time. Perhaps in DeFi, it has found a problem that needs fixing. Finance is broken. DeFi aims to fix it. Ethereum is also broken with their huge transaction fees and unscalable network. EOS to the rescue?

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